Arranging a Funeral

A Guide to Arranging a Funeral

When arranging a funeral you can be as involved as you wish. However there are a few things that you must do before you can arrange a funeral. The first thing is that you cannot hold a funeral until the death has been registered. This can delay arranging a funeral if the death has to be reported to the coroner.

The second thing you must do to be able to arrange a funeral is choose whether you would like to have a professional funeral director to help you. When you are choosing a funeral home and director it is important to choose one that will help you to arrange the funeral you want and need, whether this is one with a budget or without a budget. You should make it clear to the funeral director how involved you want to be in arranging the funeral so that they can take their lead from you.

When arranging a funeral you have a lot to consider. To start with you must arrange the music, poems and readings for the funeral. You must consider who is going to attend when arranging a funeral. A big part of the funeral for some people is the flowers. Arranging a funeral venue will also need to be done. However as stated above this can be done by the funeral director if you wish.

Other important decisions need to be made when arranging a funeral such as where the body will rest before the funeral is to take place and whether you will be arranging a religious or non religious funeral.

When arranging a funeral it is important to know that in the UK there are no legal requirements other then the death must first be certified and then registered. So the funeral you arrange can be exactly how you want it.

When arranging a funeral you should take into account the deceased’s wishes. The deceased may have left specific instructions as to how to arrange their funeral and what they would like. They may have left something in their will about this also. However it is not a legal requirement to follow these instructions when arranging a funeral. If there are no clear wishes then the arranging of the funeral will be left to the executor or the next of kin to the deceased.

Arranging a funeral is not an easy task and can be very hard when you are also dealing with grief. Do not be afraid to ask for help in arranging a funeral. If you do not want other family members to help you can ask a funeral director. This is why it is important to choose a funeral director which you can trust and feel happy with.

The deceased may have even prearranged their own funeral. There is a service offered by funeral homes in which you can go and tell them your requests and arrange your own funeral. This is becoming ever more popular and helps people to know that after they are gone there family won’t have to worry about arranging their funeral as it will already be taken care of.

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