Funeral Directors

A funeral director can also more commonly be known as an undertaker. A funeral director is a professional who works for a funeral home. The funeral director will provide sympathetic and knowledgeable support during the planning of a funeral.

While many people believe that the funeral director is someone who very much stays in the background whilst the funeral takes place. This is often incorrect. The funeral director can be more of a part of the whole process then you think, doing many important jobs.

The first, most important job a funeral director will have is preparing the body for the funeral. Some larger funeral homes will employ a funeral director alongside a mortician and an undertaker. These three job titles all have different definitions. However more often than not, especially in smaller businesses, the funeral director will take on all these roles and provide all the services himself. What this means is the funeral director will arrange to pick up the body from the morgue or home, they will perform the embalming process. (This process is where the deceased’s blood is replaced with chemicals and dye which preserves the body and delays decomposition). The funeral director will also work with the deceased’s loved ones in making the final preparations for the funeral.

How involved the funeral director becomes in the preparations of the funeral will differ massively from one funeral to another. This is because how involved the funeral director is, is totally dependent on how involved the family of the deceased want him to be. Sometimes people will choose to make prearrangements for their funeral. This is where the funeral is arranged before a death and everything that is required is told of. This makes the funeral directors job a lot easier and also takes the pressure off the loved ones.

Other things that the funeral director will do upon request is writing the obituary for the local newspaper and contacting them to arrange it to be printed. The funeral director will also make arrangements for cremation or the digging of the grave in the cemetery depending on what the family request.

The funeral director will make arrangements for what is commonly known as a viewing. This is done at the funeral home and is so that the family can pay their respects to the deceased in privacy. The viewing will often take place one or two days before the funeral. It can also be very comforting for the family. During the visitation the funeral director will be present however he will be in the background. The funeral director is there to offer support if it is needed, if not they will remain out of the way.

It is the funeral directors job to make the arrangements for the transportation of the casket and body to the agreed final resting place. The funeral director will also be present when the grave is properly sealed to make sure it is all done correctly.

A funeral director can often be of great comfort when people have lost someone close to them. Some people can find the whole process of making the arrangements for a funeral a bit daunting. This is especially the case when they have their grief to deal with at the same time. A funeral director is there to help deal with that and take the pressure off the deceased’s loved ones.

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