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When it comes to planning a funeral service there are no legal requirements as to the form the funeral service should take. In fact you do not need to have a funeral service at all if you do not wish to. When the death certificate is signed and the death has been registered, it is up to the deceased’s family to decide what they would like to do.

Many people still have traditional religious funeral service. However families now want to make the funeral service a lot more personalised. People want the funeral service to include music and readings that reflect on the deceased and their life. This can take place in a religious ceremony or in another type of funeral service.

There are a few main types of funeral services that take place today.

The first of the different types of funeral services being a religious funeral service. Depending on what religion the deceased was will depend on what religious funeral service is held. Each religious funeral service will have its own specific layout and restrictions.

None religious funeral services are becoming more and more popular. These funerals are known as celebrations of life and are becoming more popular as more people are willing to admit that they are not really believers and do not follow a religion. These types of funeral service will acknowledge the loss of a life and celebrate the life they had without any religious content at all. This type of funeral service is a good alternative for those who do not have any religious beliefs. It is a very dignified funeral service.

The funeral director at your chosen funeral home should be familiar with both of these types of funeral. They will be able to assist you whichever one you choose and they should not pass judgement on you for choosing either.

Alternatively a family can choose to make all the arrangements for the funeral themselves. This can be either non religious or religious but usually the family have a lot more input as to how the funeral service will take place. Some people will find that planning the funeral service can be very rewarding for them and helps them to deal with their grief. However, people who are thinking about making all the arrangements of the funeral service themselves should realise that it is very complex and a huge responsibility. As you want to make sure that everything is done correctly and nothing is missed out of the funeral service.

The best compromise for this rather then you having all the responsibility are to employ a funeral director to help you. This way you can have your say with the funeral service and can decide exactly how you want it to be performed. But the funeral director will take care of the more complex arrangements like storing the body the day before the funeral and arranging for their grave to be dug.

The funeral service could be in the form of a memorial where this may be more appropriate.

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