Pre-Arranged Funerals

A Guide to Pre Arranging a Funeral

What is a pre-arranged funeral and why would I want one?  All too often people find themselves walking into a funeral home with exactly these kinds of questions.  Little do most people know a pre-arranged funeral is no different at all from an impromptu funeral that your loved ones would throw together at the last minute if you hadn’t pre-arranged it with only a few exceptions.  The most notable differences are, you set up the service for yourself, you did not leave it in the hands of your grieving loved ones, you paid for all of the services yourself as not to leave the financial burden in the hands of those who should be remembering the good in you rather than the cost they incurred as a result of your passing away.  Of course the best thing about pre-arranging your funeral is the fact that you know you are going to be remembered exactly how you wish to be remembered.

Pre-arranging is done the very same way that you might plan a funeral for a loved one who suddenly passes away.  You pre-arranging will start with a visit to your local funeral home.  Most people will choose the same funeral home that their previous loved ones were cared for by, but since you are choosing your own service you can take the time to look at a number of different funeral homes before deciding on the one you like the best, or maybe the one with the better pricing, or even the most convenient location for your loved ones.

When you arrive at your selected funeral home on the day of your appointment you will meet with an experienced and educated Funeral Director who will go through all of the details with you.  You will be able to visit the casket display room to select the casket you prefer, or if you’ve decided on no visitation and only a direct cremation of burial you can choose your urn or other container.  Often urns can be special ordered and engraved with anything you’d like, so you can pick out whatever engraving you’d like, if any.

All of the costs associated with the viewing, service, interment (burial or cremation entombment etc), and every last detail right down to the color and type of flowers will be disclosed to you and anyone you choose to bring with you for support and guidance.  After all the arrangements are set your file is stored safely away and you begin to make payments on the service.  Depending on a number of factors your funeral might be fully paid for years before you ever need it, or it might have a few payments left when you are using it.  In any event your family will not suffer the burden of planning and executing your perfect funeral and then paying for it all.

Pre-arranged Funerals are far more common than you might think these days.  People are more often recognizing themselves as being mortal and know that eventually this service will be required.  Although we all hope for later rather than sooner no one wants to leave their family with these hard decisions or costs.  Pre-arranged funerals are the responsible and caring choice for families.

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